The beginning of the 22nd century and the aristocratic life for all

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It is half past five in the morning and Lukas happily wakes up next to his pretty girlfriend. She usually sleeps longer than him but this day she wanted him to wake her up at the time when he usually gets up, so that they could enjoy sunrise together. They live in an average nice part of the city which consists of family houses and bungalows covered by trees, pathways and a park with a little lake in the middle. There is an observation tower in it from which it is possible to see the kilometers far skyscrapers in the downtown of their megacity and on the other side to see the skyline of astonishing mountains. Lukas is again 28; he is the same person and has the same opportunities. Ten years ago he just decided to live his life differently than most people and even as his mirror self from the previous story.

He refused consumerism, superficiality and materialism. He wanted to live close to nature and to live much more natural authentic life and also to do some useful work for the humankind. He is aware of all technological achievements of his time but he rather as an old school uses his smart phone and he enters the virtual reality only occasionally. After the sunrise they both went to the gym in their bungalow to work out together. Then everybody did their own work in their own office. Lukas was writing an article for his global blog where he very often writes about politics and social issues and now he was writing something about how people could live in 23rd century.

After about an hour they have breakfast together which was prepared for them in several minutes by their android from some fresh ingredients. They enjoy it on the patio in their beautifully maintained garden right next to their pool. In the forenoon they both devote their time to their work. No one is paying them for it, no one is forcing them to do it, and still they both love to do it every day with enthusiasm. They could waste their days but they believe that they have their mission and purpose, so they organize their days during the week. On Wednesday they have day off and they learn to play the piano, to dance, to ride a horse or they travel or visit their friends.

Lukas is writing an analysis of arguments to current political topics. He is a convinced humanist so he thinks that robots should be used only to fulfill human needs and he is also very sceptical about the possibilities of transformation of humans into several types of cyborgs or other life forms. Once he would maybe want to be a representative of people in the parliament but now he is preparing himself for his lecture at university which he is having at half past one pm right after lunch and after some post-lunch rest with his girlfriend.

Fortunately it is possible only to walk through the park to the main route where he parked his floating mini car which can transport him to his department. He could easily use even some shared car which would be near but he often prefers personal property. After he said the destination to the computer, he can devote himself to read or to look both ways before or below him and enjoy the beauty of the clean city full of greenery.

His lectures are not crowded because most people prefer the boundless consumerism but it does not have to bother him. He is a postgraduate student and he is thankful even for the dozen of students and critical minds which are ready to discuss interesting topics. In his time the universities became true academies which do not serve as a place for bored overgrown teenagers who are trying to get some degrees, not even as a place where people would learn the necessary skills only to compete on the labour market. After an abundant discussion about the importance of old ideologies in the context of new age he is preparing himself for dinner in the historical centre of the city which he arranged together with his girlfriend.

They both are already looking forward to having their first baby in a few months. They are a little bit scared because at their time it is more usual that women let themselves artificially fertilized and very often from the best donors or even from the artificially modified, and they also very often do not want to carry their child even in their bodies, and they prefer its prenatal maturation in specialized institutions, which are by some people pejoratively called laboratories. Our couple decided that they would have it in old way and naturally even though they do not refuse sensible technologies or knowledge and experience of specialized empathetic robotic doctors which can help them with everything.

They left their automatic floating cars in the city centre and they took one of the shared ones and let themselves to be transported to a city lake where they enjoyed the evening walk during the sunset. At home Lukas checked today’s news and talked with some friends on chat. Then he enjoyed his meditation and before he went to bed with his girlfriend, he had been reading for a moment. While falling asleep together they were looking at stars above their heads and were thinking about what beautiful is going to happen to them in the new day and where they will have to overcome themselves to be able to enjoy their authentic, fulfilled and natural life.

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