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Hello, my name is Mirek Navrat, I am from the Czech Republic in Europe (yes former Czechoslovakia and yes we have Prague). I write a blog about personal growth, life, society, our future and politics. My native language is Czech, but I would like to write texts which can be understood by all people in the World, not only in my little country. So I am practicing my English here.

I come from a relatively low-income and secular (post-Catholic) family, I like intelligent people, I am an open-minded, but also a reserved person. Politically, I am a center-right (between ordoliberals, German Christian democrats, early Rawls, Bleeding Heart libertarians and moderate conservatives). I am an optimist and a believer, but I am also very skeptical and critical, so I am trying to pick the best from all moral and spiritual philosophies.

I would like to help to create much freer, more just and more prosperous world where every human being could reach their full potential and have an opportunity to accomplish the best quality of their lives in all aspects of it. So, this blog and hopefully my life purpose are dedicated to increasing the quality of life for every individual.

I was born in 1990 in Frýdek-Místek and I spent my childhood in our suburb-style village Dobrá (which means ‘good’ in Czech) in Moravian-Silesian region. I live in Brno now where I study my PhD in Political Science. I have the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology too. Academically, I am most interested in political ideologies, normative political philosophy, programs of political parties, policy analysis (mostly social, educational, tax & business policy), political attitudes & beliefs, elections and political personalities.

I love reading, thinking and writing. I enjoy deep talks with my friends and other great people. I like to learn languages, create floor plans and cities with pencil and paper, listening to various music genres (vocal trance, American country, pop/dance, German Schlager, symphonic metal or classical music). I also like watching sci-fi, dystopian, historical, political, drama, comedy, family, romantic and other meaningful and interesting TV series and movies.

If you want to know more about me, just look what else I like, listen, read or watch. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and that my texts will be useful for you.