What are our global values?

(Sorry, in 2011 my English wasn’t much good).

Yes, we see today as the biggest problem the economic crisis, problems with national identity etc. but even this might be related with what our global values actually are. According to some people we already have the global government; UN and its institutions looks like something that and the real power hold the transnational corporations anyhow. Nevertheless let’s go to think about right now what we all as humans, inhabitants of this Planet (then I say why not citizens) have in common and what future we want to create for our children.

What is the interest of all people of this Planet? (And now I come out from a paradigm that good is to look for the biggest good for most of the people; and I don’t care here if we should force to the good someone or if everybody should get it on his own). Is it peace? Personally I think that world peace (even this might sound funny – and I don’t want to speculate if we – cynics or beauty competitions are responsible for it) is a value or a wish, which every human wants.

Maybe we all also agree that we don’t want to be hungry, that we want have somewhere to live and that we want to be healthy. (Even of course we don’t agree – and according to me it is right – what ways we get it all). What else is our common global interest (so if you are looking for it, if you think as a humanist and a „world-citizen“)? Is it sustainable development? Even in area of environment or natality?

What role plays here growing of maturity, education or intelligence of people? How important cultural understanding and some kind of tolerance is? To which extend the universal global value freedom, human rights or keeping law is?

If we agree that at least some of the above are common to all people of this Planet, that they are our aims, there is a question – what ways and equipments we will fulfill them. Do we want a global government without the existence of sovereign nations? Or do we want a global cooperation of each free country? Should of the good of mankind only close group of (some ways voted or chosen) officers, managers or politicians decide? Is it really the best and most effective solution? Because what I think we must look for is a solution which works.

Today we don’t aspire of capitalism, freedom and democracy from the reason that it would be some kind of our close or particular interest but because they in the history have proved themselves (which is quite conservative attitude in liberal field). As a big advocate of capitalism (but moral and responsible one) I think that if we are able to find out of some more effective economic system (which would be long-time sustainable and in the same time could create what most good for most people) then we should move to it (even there is still a question how to try it). Nevertheless the debate if capitalism is the right one or if we live in it today would be for another article.

Why I think that some kind of return to national states (and global cooperation at the same time) is better than global government? Personally I don’t know where I would apply for asylum. Then I am afraid that we have with democracy and freedom such a little experience – and mostly only our euroamerican minority in this world – that it is naive to suppose that above this government our humanistic ideals would be fulfilled.

So let’s say what our (timeless) global aims and values are, let’s cooperate there and these ways which are effective and mainly right. And not even former Czechoslovakia’s president Tomas Masaryk’s words about ants little work, but even the motto – think globally, act locally – are for our current world and its future are fairly concise.