Why is Hillary the lesser evil for me?

One thing is clear. This year Americans will elect one of the worst candidates in their history. The question is which one of them it will be. Although I have always been a fan of Republicans, I would vote for Hillary now. Why?

Four years ago I would be a rock fan of Trump. Moreover, when he was considering his candidacy then, I was very happy about it. But since that moment a lot of things have changed. Not only Trump, the World and my opinion that if it will not be me who would be an advocate of the radical right-wing ultraconservatism then no one else would defend the right American and Western values.

Meanwhile, so many pseudo conservative lunatics have emerged that I realized that my own and even the Western values are completely somewhere else. Even during the primaries I figured out that the moderate Republicans are much closer to me.

But to the point. I don’t want Hillary there. But I don’t want Trump there so much more. And unfortunately the only way how to ensure this is to vote for Clinton. However, I could never vote for her if the circumstances were different. Not only due to her lying, corruptness, bad personality, the e-mails, paid speeches or the questionable financing of her foundation.

What also bothers me is her demagoguery rhetoric and her pragmatic move towards the radical Left, not to mention that she will probably use the executive actions instead of using parliament even more often than Obama did. Moreover, she will probably continue in his weak foreign policy, even though hopefully, thanks to Trump, with a lower naivety towards Russia. And the positions of those two bad candidates towards Putin are very crucial for me.

Putin’s puppet and a favorite of authoritarians

If one of them is able to send signals towards Putin that America will not automatically protect the countries of NATO, that due to the suburb of St. Petersburg (thus Estonia) it will not risk a nuclear war, then as a citizen of a country whose sovereignty, freedom and democracy are dependent on the will of the US to militarily help us against the potential aggressor, I would have to be crazy if I wished such a President.

Not to mention that he praises Putin and says he is far better leader than American President, that he denies murders of opposition journalists in Russia, and yet with a rhetoric of their propaganda – that in America this is allegedly happening too. And yes, it is not a joke; he would even consider recognition of the Russian annexation of the Crimea and refrain from sanctions. It seems like he would use as a source of information the Russia Today, because he ensured us that Putin will not come to Ukraine with his army. And yet Putin’s man was right inside the Trump’s team.

But it isn’t all. What a chaos is happening in the World when America thoughtlessly retreats from it was already shown us with Obama. We can add the panic on the stock exchange and we can only guess what kind of destabilization of China, Mexico and other countries would the return of America to mercantilism and protectionism with the crazy import tariffs bring us.

Donald ain’t no Ronald

Nevertheless, what also is funny is the picture of Trump as a defender of the conservative and Christian values. His life in mammon, his extreme egoism, his 3 wives, his total disrespect towards women, his racism, his ignorance of his allegedly the most favorite book-bible, his pre-election pose how a New York celebrity has suddenly changed his opinions and he became a great conservative now.

It even doesn’t matter that he has no political experience. He is a successful businessman, an example of the American dream, true self-made man, for whom, how he says, nothing was easy and his father just gave him a small loan in value of only million dollars then. But he is such a successful entrepreneur that if he had just invested his inherited money and don’t do any business he could have been much richer now.

But what? He can do it and fix it alone, he can manage country as a corporation. It doesn’t have to bother us that his companies have bankrupted six times and there is nothing wrong about it, he only abused the system, and everybody does that. Despite a long-time tradition he didn’t reveal his tax returns, because nothing is there. But these which were released has proven that he had such loses then that he again abused the system to avoid paying taxes. And it makes him smart, he brags.

A real hero of the low-income people and security forces indeed. But it doesn’t matter, the politicians are to blame. They are totally corrupt. And how does he know? He was corrupting them during whole his life. Now, the Mr. Clean will fight against them. He will also help the poor with lowering taxes mostly for the rich, repealing tax credits for families with children and increasing national debt. And a solution for the environment is probably his tweet that global warming was created by Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

The most important value is lying, rather much more than the liar Hillary. And also to insult, to say outrages and appeal to crowds with raising their right hands during a collective swear. The best how to fight against the excessive political correctness is to discredit it with his primitive rudeness. And it is usual in a democratic country to finish the whole campaign with threat to the opponent that if he wins she would be in jail, and to refuse to say if in a case of loosing he would accept the election results.

Moreover, it is funny to have a look at who supports him in the World. The biggest support is from Russia and the sympathies besides Putin were expressed also by the dictator from the North Korea. The other supporters are Vojislav Šešelj, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Marie Le Pen, Geert Wilders and other extreme Right-wing politicians and also from the official newspaper of the KKK. In my country it is right-wing populist Okamura, pro-Russian President Zeman, populist oligarch Babiš, communists and the pro-Kremlin- and extreme Right.

Otherwise, a lot of notable Republicans refused to endorse him, such as former Presidents Bushes and former candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney, and also current candidates Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham, then Condoleeza Rice, Suzana Martinez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also commentators Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks and historian Daniel Pipes, who as a protest left the party after his 44 years long membership.

No vote for Hillary = vote for Trump

The only logical reason why someone could vote for Trump might be that, if he was removed during his term which seems quite probable, then the President would be Mike Pence who was very good during the VP debate. He reminded us how much we would need a real Republican there today, and that Democrats very often are not able to do anything else than using their crazy demagogy to mask that their good intentions in the same time doesn’t bring also the good results.

But this is not a sufficient reason because his candidacy with Trump and his continuation in it shows us that he has bad judgment and maybe even false values. It all despite it was quite clear in this debate that a lot of Trump’s statements seemed so absurd to him that he looked as he had a problem to believe that real Republican nominee could mean them seriously.

However, my current support for Hillary doesn’t mean that I would suddenly turn from Republican into Democrat. My favorites were from the beginning Rubio, Kasich, eventually Bush. We can only hope that Republicans will recover and in 4 years the Primaries will be won by someone good.

Now, we are very long time aware of that Hillary is very problematic. Moreover, it is clear that altough I will have a very big fun (even though in a style of a lunatic who is just taken in a straitjacket) if Trump will really win, but I will in the same time wish so very much that he will not. Therefore, I would vote for Hillary in those states where the election might be decided.

Not voting for her in the key states means the vote for Trump, and I don’t want him even by an accident. I don’t want America which would remind me Europe before the Second World War and I don’t want American Right which would be dominated by ideological wing, which would look as a multiple of all parodies of every Left-wingers, who doesn’t know and doesn’t understand it, and they could only fabricate it until now.

In Utah I would vote for McMullin, because Mormons despite evangelicals haven’t fell for the game of the saint savior Trump, and he has a chance to be successful there. In the same time in the states where it is clear that Hillary or Trump will win in there, I would write-in someone else there – mostly apparently McMullin because he is closer to me on the issues, or Pence, Kasich, Rubio or Misha. And I would vote Republicans to the Congress.

When Trump loses then maybe the riots will begin in America but it is also important what will happen to the entire World. And I don’t really want America which would be led by the nontransparent and six-time bankrupted, lying, unprincipled, nationalistic, semi-Fascist and populist authoritarian with connections to Kremlin. Moreover, I cannot imagine how Republicans could renew their party if they were represented by such a President.

You can also read this article in Czech here.

Did House of Cards give us Trump?

Not only Trump, and not only House of Cards. The dirty of politics, the corruption through campaign financing, the injustice inequalities.

It all made us realize that something is wrong with American democracy, society and political process. And the ruthless personality of Frank Underwood made us prepared that even the most known clown in the World and the rudest candidate could become the President.

We all got use to that politics must be a massacre. I said that not only House of Cards. Another one I mean is Game of Thrones. And I mentioned not only Trump. It could gave us also Sanders or ISIS.

There is not such a direct link as with The Donald, but if there exists some kind of a holistic spritual collective spirit, and all our minds our somehow connected, then what if – meanwhile we are watching, they are doing?